This is a new project for me this year. It was inspired by Crystal Moody and her Year of Creative Habits project that she started in 2014 and is continuing this year.  It was really her post on quantity v. quality that inspired me to try this project.  My One Little Word for this year is QUALITY and I really thought this could be an opportunity for me to improve the quality of my painting and drawing skills. My plan is to complete one page in my sketchbook everyday/ every other day for the whole year using various fruits/ vegetables/ plants as my subject.  

I decided to use three different mediums that I have used and liked in the past, watercolors, design markers, and watercolor colored pencils. In addition to improving my skills I am hoping that this will help me define my illustration style and become more comfortable in my own creative skin.  I am going to play around with scale, composition, the amount of detail, pen vs. no pen, and the overall looseness/ sketchiness of my drawings.

I am also planning on doing a weekly blog post that will round up that weeks drawings, progress, and thoughts.  You can find a link to those posts below.  I also included a list of the basic supplies I am using in case you are curious.

The photos are in order starting with my first sketch and ending with my most recent.