Goodbye For Now, Not For Good

For those of you who know me and have been reading my blog(s) for a while, you know that while I enjoy blogging and sharing my projects and photos with all of you, it is something I have done on and off, and taken breaks from before.  I have decided that it is time for another break.  I am spinning way too many plates right now and something has got to give!!  The website will be up and running per usual, just the blog section will be gone. I am not sure when I will get back to blogging but I will be sure to let you all know when I do.  Everything else will pretty much remain the same. The shop will stay open and I am going to keep designing. I will still be updating the site with my latest projects, painting, and scrapbook pages.  Here are links to where you will be able to find all of those.

Year of Creative Habits

Month to Month | Derek

Month to Month | Olivia

One Little Word

Week in the Life

The newsletter is a great way to keep in touch and see what's new.   I am also hoping to focus more on my artwork and you will be able to follow along via Instagram.  

So, thank you for reading and I hope you'll stick around because I truly believe that the best is yet to come for Food | Family | Story :)

Happy Creating,


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